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All Monitoring Documents

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Framework for a Circumpolar Arctic Seabird Monitoring Network

A framework document for developing an integrated monitoring framework for seabirds.

State of the Arctic Marine Biodiversity Report: chapter 3.4: Marine fishes

Fishes chapter of the State of the Arctic Marine Biodiversity Report covering three Focal Ecosystem Components: Greenland halibut, polar cod and capelin.

Bering Sea Sub-Network Pilot Phase Final Report

This report provides an overview of the BSSN concept, its history, and the pilot project results. It informs the broader community of scientists, governments, and Arctic residents about the project’s findings and shares the lessons learned. The Bearing Sea Subnetwork Additionally offers a HTML version of the document. To look at the HTML version click here



State of the Arctic Marine Biodiversity Report: chapter 3.5: Seabirds

Seabirds chapter of the State of the Arctic Marine Biodiversity Report covering eight Focal Ecosystem Components: glaucous gull, ivory gull, least auklet, little auk, common murre, thick-billed murre, black-legged kittiwake, common eider.

Bering Sea Sub-Network Annual Report 2008

The 2008 Annual Report of the Bearing Sea Sub-Network- International Community-Based Environmental Observation Alliance for the Arctic Observing Network (BSSN).

Arctic Report Card 2011

The Arctic Report Card annually tracks and reports on the status and trends of the Arctic. 

Circumpolar Protected Areas Monitoring: Arctic Protected Areas Monitoring Scheme Background Paper

Background paper for an Arctic protected areas monitoring scheme that would identify a suite of biodiversity monitoring measures that would be commonly monitored across the Arctic and implemented in a standardized way by each agency. This initiative is intended to enable coordinated reporting of biodiversity in Arctic protected areas and to provide a circumpolar understanding of change occurring within protected areas around the Arctic region.

Arctic Marine Biodiversity Monitoring Plan

The Arctic Marine Biodiversity Monitoring Plan (CBMP-Marine Plan) is the first of the CBMP’s four pan-Arctic biodiversity monitoring plans. The overall goal of the CBMP-Marine Plan is to improve our ability to detect and understand the causes of long-term change in the composition, structure and function of Arctic marine ecosystems, as well as to develop authoritative assessments of key elements of Arctic marine biodiversity (e.g., key indicators, ecologically pivotal and/or other important taxa).

State of the Arctic Marine Biodiversity Report: Key Findings and Advice for Monitoring

The State of the Arctic Marine Biodiversity Report identifies trends in key marine species and points to important gaps in biodiversity monitoring efforts across key ecosystem components in: sea ice biota, plankton, benthos, marine fishes, seabirds and marine mammals. Changes in these species are likely to indicate changes in the overall marine environment.

Arctic Birds Bulletin 2011

A newsletter of the Arctic Birds Breeding Conditions Survey (ABBCS).

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