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AMBI African Eurasian Flyway

In the African Eurasian Flyway, AMBI works with partners to address priority conservation issues including:

  • the loss, disturbance and degradation of habitats, including improving the conservation and management of key habitats,
  • improving the quality and quantity of species population data, particularly on the breeding grounds,
  • unsustainable harvest, including accidental and illegal killing of particular species

AMBI has identified 5 objectives and 8 actions in the flyway work plan.

AMBI African Eurasian Flyway Priority Species

AMBI African-Eurasian Flyway Work Plan 2019-2025

Action 1: Secure intertidal habitat of Arctic-breeding shorebirds in Bijagós Archipelago, Guinea-Bissau:

  1. a. Advance and potentially coordinate international engagement to support the Bijagós World Heritage nomination process, as appropriate.
  2. b. Provide technical support to and enhance the capacity of IBAP and other national partners for strengthening the conservation management of the Bijagós Archipelago, including through its nomination and designation as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Action 2: Ensure identification and documentation of key sites for shorebirds in available format as a tool for national/international sustainable site management.

Action 1: Support filling knowledge gaps and strengthening monitoring of Arctic waterbirds in the breeding grounds of the flyway, including implementing CBMP in cooperation with Wadden Sea Secretariat and AEWA.

Action 2: Support improved population delineation of Arctic-breeding waders by collating Arctic breeding wader migration data (tracking, colour-marking, geolocator, ringing data, etc.) and presenting it on the CSN tool to improve flyway delineation data.

Action 1: Support the development of communication products (in collaboration with flyway partners and communications experts) showcasing migratory connectivity, knowledge gaps, and threats in the African-Eurasian flyway area.

Action 1: Support the implementation of the AEWA Long-tailed Duck, Velvet Scoter and Common Eider International Single Species Action Plans with respect to the identified activities regarding bycatch under the auspices of the AEWA European Seaduck International Working Group.

Action 1: Assist the AEWA LWfG IWG and the Birdlife Norwegian/Greek cooperation project with the translation and dissemination of awareness-raising and education materials in key areas for the species within the Russian Arctic amongst indigenous and local communities.

Action 2: Support the UNEP/AEWA Secretariat in engaging key Range States on a diplomatic level through Arctic Council member and observer country embassies.