Wetlands 1Twenty Policy Recommendations were agreed upon which are designed to support decision-makers in understanding the diverse and valuable ecosystem services provided by Arctic wetlands and to identify specific actions they can implement to protect existing wetlands and restore those that have been degraded.

The recommendations are directed to the Arctic Council as a whole and are divided into 6 themes. While some are intended to be implemented through CAFF, others may be led in full, or in part, by other Arctic Council working groups and other subsidiary bodies. Some recommendations will require action by national authorities, stakeholders, and international organizations. The recommendations are numbered and subdivided into separate themes which go from overarching policy to progressively more technical and practical recommendations.

  • Theme A: Climate change mitigation, wetland biodiversity, and resilience 
  • Theme B: Wetland restoration actions 
  • Theme C: Streamline national wetland governance 
  • Theme D: Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities co-management of wetlands 
  • Theme E: Wetland classification, mapping, and monitoring 
  • Theme F: Coordination of Arctic wetland actions, research, and monitoring 


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