Photo: BMJ/Shutterstock.comIn the Arctic, small mammals are an important component of the tundra because they are both herbivore and main source of prey, therefore linking key interactions in the tundra ecosystem. Changes affecting small mammals are likely to have knock-on effects on adjacent trophic levels.

The CBMP Small Mammal Expert Network is a collection of scientists and experts that advise on monitoring issues and other requirements under the Arctic Terrestrial Biodiversity Monitoring Plan regarding small mammals, in particular, lemmings. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • identifying and recommending monitoring protocols, tools and approaches for monitoring and assessing small mammal populations which lead to harmonized, integrated, robust circumpolar monitoring
  • supporting open sharing of small mammal monitoring tools and protocols
  • contributing toward regional or circumpolar assessments of small mammal abundance, distribution, demographics, health and other parameters
  • acting as a forum for sharing information and expertise on small mammals
  • seeking  funding opportunities, participating in grant-writing or other activities that can contribute to the mutual goals of the network and improve small mammal monitoring and assessment 

Small Mammal Expert Network members

  • Canada: Gilles Gauthier, Univeristé Laval
  • Kingdom of Denmark: Niels M. Schmidt, Aarhus University
  • Norway: Rolf A. Ims, University of Tromso
  • Russia: Aleksander Sokolov, Ural Division Russian Academy of Sciences
  • France: Olivier Gilg, Université de Bourgogne

Arctic States

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Permanent Participants

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