A Framework for a Circumpolar Arctic Seabird Monitoring Network, click to download CBird has been tasked under the Circumpolar Biodiversity Monitoring Program to establish a framework for an integrated monitoring program for seabirds.

This task involves:

  • identifying monitoring needs
  • suggesting monitoring parameters
  • selecting appropriate species for monitoring activities

The primary vision of an Arctic seabird monitoring network program is to maintain current biodiversity of Arctic seabird populations, or enhance if these have declined through controllable causes. 

Coordination of Arctic monitoring activities, and the appropriate associated research to explain causal effects, allows for synthesis of information to determine the impacts of global environmental processes at a regional Arctic scale, not usually feasible to countries working individually.



  • To monitor populations of selected Arctic seabird species, in one or more Arctic countries;
  • Primarily, and preferably, species which are found in all the Arctic countries should be selected. Monitoring of populations in only one or few countries, as part of the circumpolar effort, is warranted if the species involved are very local and considered an Arctic responsibility;
  • To monitor, as appropriate, survival, diets, phenology, and productivity of seabirds in a manner to allow significant changes to be detected. These data may be essential to explain observed changes in populations but abiotic environmental factors also need to be taken into account, as appropriate;
  • To provide circumpolar information on the status of seabirds to the management agencies in the Arctic countries, in order to broaden their knowledge beyond the boundaries of their country to allow management decisions to be made on the best available information.


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