Photos and logos for press use

  • Inuit man

    Photo: Carsten Egevang/

  • Muskox in winter

    Photo: Lars Holst Hansen/

  • Muskox in summer

    Photo: Lars Holst Hansen/

  • Graphics and maps

    CAFF graphics and maps found at the Arctic Biodiversity Data Service

  • CAFF logo- colour

    High resolution CAFF logo- colour

Backgrounders: quick facts and figures

  • ABA Key findings

    ABA key findings

  • ABA Recommendations

    ABA recommendations

  • Arctic vs. Antarctic

    Arctic vs. Antarctic. What's the difference anyway?

  • Arctic languages

    Status of Languages in the Arctic

  • Endangerment and extinction

    Endangerment and extinction

  • ASTI key findings

    Arctic Species Trend Index: key findings 2012

  • ASTI About

    What is the Arctic Species Trend Index?

Upcoming Events

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