Program for the Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna Framework Document, click to downloadCAFF's Framework document, the Program for the Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna Framework Document, approved by Ministers in 1991, was a response to the lack of circumpolar information about Arctic biodiversity, and coincides with the environmental awakening occurring in global politics during the late 80s and early 90s with the Rio Declaration and Agenda 21, the World Charter for Nature and the growing rise in awareness of sustainable development in the context of global politics. 

The primary funcitons assigned to CAFF were: 

  • to collaborate for more effective research, sustainable utilization and conservation;
  • to cooperate to conserve Arctic flora and fauna, their diversity and their habitats;
  • to protect the Arctic ecosystem from human-caused threats;
  • to seek to develop more effective laws, regulations and practices for flora, fauna and habitat management, utilization and conservation;
  • to work in cooperation with the Indigenous Peoples of the Arctic;
  • to consult and cooperate with appropriate international organizations and seek to develop other forms of cooperation;
  • to regularly compile and disseminate information on Arctic conservation;
  • to contribute to environmental impact assessments of proposed activities.

Global Linkages

International linkages panel at the Arctic Biodiversity Congress. Photo: IISDRS

Resolutions of Cooperation

CAFF and CMS sign resolution of Cooperation, 2012. Photo: CAFF

International Partners

The CAFF, PAME and Arctic Council Secretariats. Photo: Bjarni Eiriksson

Policy Recommendations

Participants at the Arctic Biodiversity Congress. Photo: Bjarni Eiriksson

Policy Framework

CAFF Biennial 2015 participants. Photo: Linnea Nordström/Arctic Council Secretariat

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Policy Development

SAO meeting 2014. Photo: Arctic Council

Arctic States

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Permanent Participants

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