Coal train at Ny Ålesund 4053.1 Svalbard Amanda Graham FlickrThrough facilitated virtual dialogues, informational webinars and videos, and interviews Phase 2 developed a series of proposed actions designed to act on the challenges outlined in the Phase 1: Mainstreaming Biodiversity in Arctic Mining – Challenges and Proposed Solutions. These include:

  • Mapping Arctic mining activities, potentially including full lifecycle considerations, and their relationship to biodiversity
  • Developing one or more brief overviews of the different types of mining taking place, or likely to emerge, in the Arctic and potential impacts on biodiversity of various approaches and processes related to these operations; 
  • Refining existing approaches and implementing new opportunities for collection and sharing biodiversity data related to mine planning and operations;
  • Collating and sharing good pratcices and lessons learned
  • Conducting ongoing outreach and engagement to inform people about the project, disseminating products when developed, and inviting more partners to contribute; and
  • Incorporating other potential project ideas based on organizational, national, or other priorities from CAFF members.

There is a also a need to engage with Permanent Participants to develop and implement future work in a way that facilitates the equitable and meaningful involvement of Indigenous People, communities, and Indigenous Knowledge holders. 

The Phase 2 report will be released at the May 2021 meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the Arctic States in Reykjavík, Iceland.


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