BiodiversityWord Cloud: Casey BurnThe Phase I: Mainstreaming Biodiversity in Arctic Mining – Challenges and Proposed Solutions report released in 2019 identifies key challenges and possible solutions for incorporating biodiversity considerations into mining operations in the Arctic. It is based on information received from a series of workshops with representatives from the mining industry, related companies, government agencies, Indigenous Peoples and other entities (e.g., mining associations and networks), held in Alaska and Finland in 2018 and 2019; discussions with representatives of the mining industry operating in the Arctic; contributions from subject matter experts; and published materials.

Key challenges to mainstreaming biodiversity in Arctic mining operations, and possible solutions include:

  • Building trust and coordination within and among permitting agencies, the mining industry; and the public, especially Indigenous communities;
  • Strengthening mutually beneficial partnerships with communities impacted by mining operations;
  • Enhancing alignment among government agencies regarding environmental permitting, particularly environmental review requirements;
  • Reaching agreements on data (e.g. cultural and ecological indicators of change) collection, management, and sharing of information; 
  • Establishing clear processes for engaging Indigenous Peoples and utilizing Indigenous Knowledge; and 
  • Developing a system that is acceptable, predictable and measurable for both industry, stakeholders and authorities to manage ecological compensation.

BiodiversityWord Cloud: Casey Burn

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