sea ice biota aThe sea-ice related food web and biodiversity are critical components of the Arctic marine ecosystem. Higher trophic levels are directly or indirectly supported by over 2000 species of small algae and animals that are associated with sea ice, but are often inconspicuous to the naked eye.

These species inhabit a wide range of microhabitats inside the brine channel system, in melt ponds, leads, immediately underneath the ice, and including pressure ridges. The origin and age of sea ice influence the community composition of sea ice biota, with pronounced differences between annual landfast sea ice, offshore annual pack ice, and multiyear pack ice. Given the sea ice decline over at least the past few decades, shifts are expected in ice-associated biota.

The primary goals of the sea ice group in CBMP are to provide information on the biodiversity of sea ice biota and track their potential changes. We focus on four focal ecosystem components: Prokaryotic microbes; Ice algae and other protists; Sea-ice meiofauna; and Under-ice macrofauna. Given the lack of regular and systematic monitoring of sea ice biota, we rely on data compilations and meta-analysis.

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Sea Ice Biota Network

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  • Germany: Hauke FloresAlfred Wegener Institute Helmholz Center for Polar and Marine Research

 Sea ice biota publication list 

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