Mainstreaming Biodiversity in Arctic Mining
Mainstreaming Biodiversity in Arctic Mining
Mainstreaming Biodiversity in Arctic Mining
Mainstreaming Biodiversity in Arctic Mining
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Mining finalReleased on May 20: Explore actions to mainstream biodiversity in Arctic Mining in a new Report on mainstreaming biodiversity in Arctic mining  

The Arctic Council, an international forum comprised of the Arctic states, Indigenous Peoples organizations, and observers seeks to collaboratively understand and address Arctic issues for the benefit of all people, biodiversity, and the environments on which they depend.

The Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (CAFF) Working Group of the Arctic Council seeks to facilitate dialogue among stakeholders, to support biodiversity conservation and sustainable development.

The Arctic Biodiversity Assessment identified primary factors impacting biodiversity and included recommendations to policy makers on how to address them. Recommendation #4 encourages all those working on development activities in the Arctic to incorporate biodiversity considerations in their planning and operations.

Mining and extractive activities are key economic drivers that provide jobs, infrastructure, training and educational opportunities, and other benefits to Arctic communities and states. However, environmental impacts can be difficult to mitigate due to lack of data on historical and existing Arctic ecological conditions, harsh weather and remote locations. In response CAFFs Mainstreaming Biodiversity in Arctic Mining initiative to provide guidance for the incorporation of biodiversity objectives and provisions into plans, operations, and other aspects of mining activities in the Arctic.

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