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Workshop on Conservation of Migratory Arctic Birds: Songli, Norway: September 10-11, 2000

A summary report produced by Wetlands International of the CAFF Workshop on Migratory Arctic Birds, Songli, Norway, September 10-11, 2000. The workshop aimed to facilitate improved co-ordination and collaboration among Arctic countries sharing migratory bird species and/or populations with those countries outside the Arctic that are responsible for Arctic breeding birds during the non-breeding season.

Global Flyway Scale Monitoring and Conservation Programs for Migratory Waterbirds of the Arctic

Highlights potential cooperative actions between CAFF and Wetlands international with a focus on inclusion of Wetland International's global and flyway initiatives in the Circumpolar Biodiversity monitoring Program (CBMP).

Incidental Take of Seabirds in Commercial Fisheries in the Arctic Countries

This report introduces the topic of incidental take of seabirds in commercial fisheries and describes the fisheries industries, seabird bycatch and impacts in Alaska (U.S.A.), Canada, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway and Russia, and provides national recommendations.

Global Overview of the Conservation of Migratory Arctic Breeding Birds Outside the Arctic

This report describes the migratory birds of the Arctic, their migration systems, and how they are already protected under international legislation when they leave the Arctic.

A Summary of Legal Instruments and National Frameworks for Arctic Marine Conservation

A summary of international marine conservation instruments and national legislation of the six Arctic coastal states that border on the Arctic Ocean.

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