Circumpolar Flyway


Priority conservation objectives and actions

Objective 1: Enhance data collection and data input into habitat protection initiatives 

  • Action 1. Raise awareness and facilitate protection of at-sea areas where key marine bird habitats intersect with human activities
  • Action 2. Support country participation in circumpolar collaborations to enhance Ivory Gull surveys and collection and synthesis of marine bird tracking data (including Ivory Gulls)
  • Action 3.  Knowledge gap analysis of circumpolar seabird tracking studies

Objective 2: Harvest assessments and mitigation of unsustainable harvest

  • Action 1.  Work with CBird to promote dialogue with authorities for management plans to combine the knowledge of status of hunted species between countries
  • Action 2.  Assess the population-level impact of harvest in relation to other stressors
  • Action 3: Conduct/update a harvest inventory for circumpolar regions of interest

Objective 3: Mitigate seabird and seaduck bycatch

  • Action 1.  Initiate an overlap analysis for seabird bycatch in circumpolar region
  • Action 2: Continue discussions about mitigation measures with fisheries partners
  • Action 3: Support efforts to develop best practices for bycatch data collection
  • Action 4: Finalize gill net bycatch assessment in key regions

Objective 4: Address environmental pollution issues

  • Action 1.  State of knowledge assessment for plastics in wildlife
  • Action 2: Work with Arctic Council countries and Permanent Participants, PAME, and AMAP to begin to address knowledge gaps

Objective 5: Support the activities and priorities of the International Snowy Owl Working Group (ISOWG)

  • Action 1. Publish a more precise global population estimate and assessment of population trends
  • Action 2. Implement wider-scale tracking of Snowy Owls throughout their range


Priority species in 2019-2023 work plan

Ivory gull: Todd Boland/
Ivory gull
Thick-billed Murre: Morten Ekker
Thick-billed murre
Common eider. Photo: Micha Klootwijk/
Common eider
Snowy owl: Berndt Vorwald/
Snowy owl



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