factsheets aOn May 20, 2021, Iceland hosted the 12th Arctic Council Ministerial meeting in Reykjavík, Iceland and online. Foreign Ministers of the Arctic States and Heads of Delegation of the Permanent Participants reviewed activities and accomplishments to improve sustainable development and environmental protection in the Arctic completed under Iceland's two-year chairmanship.

Arctic States were joined by delegations Observer states and organizations as well as representatives from Arctic Council Working Groups and other Subsidiary Bodies.

CAFF will deliver the following products:

12th Arctic Council Ministerial meeting in Reykjavík, Iceland and online

Terrestrial State of the Arctic Terrestrial Biodiversity Report (START)

Start sc

Terrestrial State of the Arctic Terrestrial Biodiversity Report: Key Findings and Advice


Youth Arctic Youth Engagement Strategy. 2021-2026

Youth Cover

Migratory Birds Arctic Migratory Birds Initiative (AMBI): Work Plan 2019-2025 (revised 2021)

AMBI Work Plan 2019-2025

Migratory Birds AMBI Mid-term Evaluation

AMBI Cover

Migratory Birds AMBI: Case studies, working with Indigenous Communities on Migratory birds

Wetlands Key Findings and Recommendations

Wetlands 1

Wetlands Resilience and management of Arctic Wetlands: Phase 2


Wetlands Arctic Wetlands and Indigenous Peoples Study


Monitoring Online manual for implementing CBMP Freshwater and Terrestrial Monitoring Plans

manual qww

Monitoring Circumpolar Biodiversity Monitoring Programme: Strategic Plan 2021-2025

cbmp strategy 1

Marine Mammals State of the Marine Arctic Biodiversity Report (SAMBR): 2021 update

Seabirds 1

Plastics AMBI: Review of plastic pollution policies of Arctic countries and seabirds

AMbi plastics state policies

Plastics AMBI: A review of plastic ingestion by seabirds

AMBi plastics review

Plastics AMBI: Developing a program to monitor plastic pollution in seabirds

AMBI plastics monitoring

Seabirds State of the Marine Arctic Biodiversity Report: 2021 update

Seabirds 1

Seabirds Black-legged Kittiwake Conservation Strategy and Action Plan


Seabirds What’s the catch with lumpsuckers?


Seabirds Impact of hunting and oiling on Guillemots


Data Arctic Biodiversity Data Service (ABDS)


Mining Mainstreaming biodiversity in Arctic mining

Mining final

Data Arctic Spatial Data Infrastructure (ASDI): Report

sdi 2

Data Arctic Biodiversity Data Service: 2019-2021: Progress Report


CAFF Workplan 2021-2023


Actions for Biodiversity 2013-2023 Progress Report


Reports Annual reports, workshop proceedings and national implementation reports


Arctic States

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Permanent Participants

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