Administrative Series

Access administrative documents from CAFF including founding documents, procedural guidelines, work plans, and progress reports to Senior Arctic Officials and Arctic Council Ministers.

Monitoring Series

Access background papers, framework documents, monitoring plans, handbooks and more from the Circumpolar Biodiversity Montioring Program (CBMP), its marine, terrestrial and freshwater groups and other networks and topics.

Assessment Series

The latest CAFF Assessment reports and findings, including the Arctic Biodiversity Assessment, the Arctic Species Trend Index (ASTI) and more.

Strategies Series

Conservation and management strategies from CAFF.

Proceedings Series

Proceedings from various CAFF working group meetings and workshops.

Expert Group Documents

Documents from CAFF's Circumpolar Seabird Expert Group (CBird), CAFF's Flora Group (CFG) and the Circumpolar Protected Areas Network (CPAN)

2012 2013 ABA ABBCS ABT AC ACIA action plan administrative AMAP AMBI amphibians annual annual report Arctic Arctic biodiversity Arctic Biodiversity Assessment Arctic Biodiversity Trends Arctic report card arthropods ASDI ASIB assessment assessments ASTI atlas AVA background paper bacteria benthic benthos biennial biodiversity birds birds newsletter ABBCS board boreal brochure BSSN CAFF Canada caribou CARMA CAVM CBD CBird CBMP CBVM CFG char charter climate communication communications community based community based monitoring concept paper Congress conservation coordination CPAN cultural cultural services cultural significance Danish data data management diadromous discussion paper disturbance ducks EBSA ecological significance ECORA ecosystem ecosystem services ecosystems eider environmental changes Finland fish fishes fishing flora flora assessment flora assessments framework French freshwater freshwater assessments frogs fungi gap analysis geese genetics GLORIA Greenland Greenlandic guidelines habitat handbook harvest hodditest IASC IAVD ice Iceland implementation implementation plan incidental take index indicator indicators indices Indigenous INTERACT Inuktitut invasive invasive alien species invasives invertebrates ITEX ivory gull key findings keyfindings lakes land language legal instruments legislation lemming lichen linguistics list mammal mammals management map marine marine assessments marine mammal marine mammals meeting microorganisms migration migratory Ministerial monitoring monitoring plan murre network newsletter Norway Norwegian ocean organization parasites plan plankton plant plants polar bear policy postcards poster presentation proceedings progress progress report project protected areas protected areas assessment provisioning services rangifer rare species recommendations red knot references reindeer reindeer herding report reporting reptiles Russia Russian SAO SAON science sea sea ice seabird seabird assessment seabird assessments seabirds services shorebirds SIN spatial species species list status status and trend status and trends strategy stressors/challenges summary Sweden synthesis temporal terrestrial terrestrial assessments terrestrial framework test123 testno1 threats toads tourism Traditional Ecological Knowledge trends Trondheim update USA vegetation waterbirds waterfowl wetlands whale wildlife workplan

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