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Litla Dimun, Faroe Islands, Photo: Andrea Ricordi/Shutterstock.comLitla Dimun, Faroe Islands, Photo: Andrea Ricordi/Shutterstock.comTo help fulfill its mandate, CAFF produces a range of strategies that provide scientific and conservation recommendations on how to implement plans intended to directly conserve species. Strategies develop a framework to ensure the most effective management response.


These strategies are developed via intensive international cooperation between countries and scientists across the Arctic region.


Recent Conservation Strategies

Arctic Biodiversity Conservation Strategy

Photo: Andreas Gradin/Shutterstock.comFind out more about how the Cooperative Strategy for the Conservation of Biological Diversity in the Arctic Region outlines how CAFF's projects, activities and programs are designed to enhance co-operation among Arctic countries and relevant agencies, communities and organizations, and secure the natural productive capacity of Arctic ecosystems and secure biological diversity at all levels. 

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